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"Lift up your heads, O you gates and be lifted up, you ancient doors,
that the King of Glory may come in."
Psalm 24:7

Nutrient of Advancement

by Pastor Christian Okoh

How does it feel you had helped some one conquer poverty having picked such a person from a very poor background and establish him/her on a part of success and the person comes back to hurt you? How does it feel when you had lent some money to somebody for a period of time and fails to pay back; you decided one moment to go and get your money, then, for person pays you back by inviting the police to apprehend you? These circumstances and many scenarios like these occur because of human ingratitude. Ingratitude is the lack of appreciation of kindness or thankfulness.

Actually, some people find it difficult to show gratitude to good will. God loves those who return glory to him, God commends gratitude. Even animals do show gratitude. Take the case of a domestic Dog for example, when you feed meals to a strange Dog, it does not matter how many times you do that, when that Dog sees you anywhere, the Dog must wag its tail; that is a sign of recognition and gratitude. Gratitude has a force, it has power, in fact it has potency.

“Appreciation (gratitude), fertilizes multiplications”. When you fail to show gratitude, you lose Gods connection for your life.

God is the root of our blessings, to disconnect from your root is to disconnect from nutrients. Without nutrients no advancement.

When you appreciate some one for a little deed, such a person is tempted or triggered to do more. Gratitude has motivational power, it is a positive reinforcement. Ingratitude concludes Destiny. May God give us the heart to show gratitude. AMEN.

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